Andrija Millovan

Born in Pula in 1980, Milovan enrolled at the Academy of Fine Art in Split, Croatia, and graduated as a “sculptor, specialised in iron, bronze and aluminium”.

He then moved to France to study art in Lyon and the Paris Art Academy. Andrija Milovan has been commissioned to create public sculptures around Croatia, in bronze, iron and inox.

His creations have earned him recognition as one of Croatia’s most innovative sculpture artists, winning several awards for his creations.

Andrija Milovan’s sculptures are part of the art collection “Faggiani” and he has recently held exhibitions in Zagreb, Split, Rovinj, (Croatia) Trieste, and Monfalcone, (Italy).

Andrija Milovan lives and works in Rovinj (Croatia) and prides himself on upcycling old materials that once were once seen as useless giving them a new life.